Interested in joining our group? Over the next year I’ll be taking on students and postdoctoral researchers in a variety of research themes. Get in touch!  Before you do, please explore this site to see if your interests are a good fit with our mission and find our more about joining Biology at the University of Alberta here. Also see the Opportunities page for specific postings and projects.

IMG_20170824_174241Stephanie Green (PI)

I study the causes and consequences of biodiversity change in marine ecosystems, in service of developing science-based tools for conserving natural resources under global change. My interests span a range of topics including biological invasion, climate effects on fisheries, and ecosystem restoration. I have been an affiliate scientist with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation since 2009. Prior to the University of Alberta, I was a Banting Fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University and a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at Oregon State University.

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